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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the on-going impact that the pandemic has on supply chain, we currently we can only accept PRE-ORDERS and endeavour to dispatch your order on or before Monday, 4 October 2021.

Anna helps you escape back pain and eliminates sore hips & sides, guaranteeing better sleep during pregnancy.

Made from medical-grade, high-quality, antimicrobial, antibacterial, non-flammable closed-cell PU foam which is Crib 5 Fire/Flame Retardant.  Allowing your bump to be fully cocooned within the curved cut-out centre, while being safe to use in the comfort of your own home.

Covered with two layers of super-soft, breathable cotton-Lycra® fabric-blend - durable, breathable, hammock-like support which bounces back after every use.

Extra-long zips ensure the covers are easy to remove and machine washable.  Compact, easy-to-store and transport, Anna comes with its own calico drawstring bag.

What is in the box
1 Anna Pregnancy Pillow
1 Calico Carrier Bag
1 White Anna Cushion Cover (inner layer)
1 Grey Anna Cushion Cover (outer layer)

530mm x 680mm x 160mm

Where to Buy in South Africa

We only sell through third parties from within South Africa.  You can locate your nearest Professional via Where to Buy

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lara Sheldrake
It's SO nice to be able to lie on my front again!

I've only had this a few weeks but am loving being able to lie on my tummy and get a massage like the good old days. This is such a wonderful product to use and the feeling of being able to lie on my front after all these months is incredibly liberating. Thank you Anna!!!

Best gift!

I received this amazing pillow from my friend, Lezanne. Im currently 33 weeks pregnant and working in a physical rehabilitation unit as an occupational therapist. Due to the nature of my job I’ve always suffered from lower back pain, but during pregnancy it has been so much worse! This pillow has allowed me to find relief after a long day at work. I loved lying on my tummy pre-pregnancy and this pillow allows me to do that again with instant pressure relief of off my spine and back. I use it on my bed, in front of the tv or wherever I want to plonk down :) Thank you for this amazing product! Can definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ilsa Els
It’s amazing

A friend of mine, Lezanne, bought your gorgeous pillow for me as a gift! Ive just come to tell you amazing its been for me!!

I am an Professional Nurse in an ICU setting, working in a Covid ICU at present. Every day is chaos and youre run off your feet. Now, being 6 months pregnant, it's really taking its toll on my body. The back pain and sciatica are PRESENT.

As soon as I get home form work, I have a quick shower and have a lie down in ky Anna pillow. The instant relief of that pressure off of the rest of my body is really out of this world. It helps relieve that constant pressure and tension in my back as well as my legs and definitely helps with the aches and pains too.

I am so grateful for this and just want to say well done and Thank You for this creation!

Melichka Visagie
Amazing product

My sister in law suggested I use this pillow during my pregnancy since I am a pharmacist and my job requires me to stand most of the day. It really helped relieve my back and hip pain and I was able to do pilates until the end of my pregnancy. Definitely a “must have”!

Simon Irwin
Really Helpful

A wonderful addition to my clinic allowing me to safely treat my final trimester patients in a range of positions