Jenny Clark

Jenny Clark


Jenny is the founder of The Mellow Mummas Method, an online platform offering specialist practices in; mindset, yoga, breathwork and relaxation all with the intention of supporting an empowering birthing experience and a healing post partum period. She works with parents-to-be who are open to letting go of unhelpful narratives and conditioning and use the powerful tools they already have; mind, body and breath to powerfully birth their babies into the world. I also work with new parents helping them re-frame the post partum period to one of healing, reflection and re-balancing.

Her physical classes and education centres around preparing for and healing from birth. To do this she uses a variety of techniques, movement patterns and most importantly self awareness. Clients report increased levels of comfort, confidence and calm ahead of their births which is spoken about as one of, if not the most important day of their lives.

The Mellow Mummas Method includes a comprehensive class library, digital courses, yoga teacher training and collaborative events.

Outside of Mellow Mummas she a mum, daughter, aunt and partner.  She love cooking, crafts, cycling and am slowly getting back into her childhood love of ice skating!  She is driven by possibility and vision (and have spent many an evening curating Pinterest vision boards!)  Jenny also lived in 4 different countries over 5 years and travelled around with just a backpack for many years before settling in her home town, Glasgow, Scotland. Her  next big adventure is converting a campervan for family trips around Scotland!

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